Pat and Rik´s story - so far!





Pat and Rik moved to central Portugal in 2006 as they were both fed up UK politics, the weather and the yob culture and felt it was high time to fulfil their dream of moving abroad.

Rik (54) was a mechanical engineer, who built and designed custom bikes and trikes. Pat (47) worked as the editor of national bike magazine before coming here.

They bought "Bouça de Figueira" which was a a large property with 4,500m2 of land in need of complete renovation for Euros 54,000 in March 2006. Pat says "we knew it was for us instantly, it was more than we could afford really but loved it so much... worth every penny, we love it more now than ever"

They have been doing the renovations themselves over the past year, with only the help from Rik´s roofer brother (although it rained constantly the 2 weeks he was there!)

"We achieve so much. Picking the grapes and olives was a high spot for me. Getting the roof on was such a massive achievement for Rik, as he did it on his own. This year I hope to be able to completely feed us on our own produce from the garden and our guests too." says Pat.

Pat and Rik are now living in part of the renovated cottage (which still needs finishing) and are renting the bus to provide an income.
Pat says "We are really pleased the bus is getting busy and hope the guest cottage will be complete late april-may time, which will give us an additional income which will be wonderful. We are also getting a website designed by a Portuguese friend; it will be, and that's exciting too...."

Pat says the language is hard to master "The language... hmmm Rik´s is great, he finds it quite easy, mine is poor... but smiles, hand signals and loads of apologies for your own ignorance makes a difference and I get by!"

Pat and Rik have two dogs, an adopted stray called ´Bonnie` and a dog ´Cola´ who they brought with them from the UK. "Our UK vet told us we needed the pet passport and it cost us almost 500 quid, but Karin (our Portuguese vet) told us that all you need to bring a dog to Portugal (as long as you don´t intend to take the dog back to the UK) is the general inoculations up to date and most importantly the rabies jab and proof in writing. " Pat tells me.

Pat and Rik´s fully furnished converted bus is available to rent for only Euros 15 per night.

For more info see our accommodation page or to check availability, please either text Pat on 00351 914296941 or email her at








Rental cottage (!) under construction