Paul & Carol






Paul and Carol bought this property in summer2008, started works that winter and the works were completed by early summer 2009.

Working for the National Trust, an advantage is that you can live on site in a historic building, but the downside is when you retire you need to find somewhere to live. Central Portgual and the property prices here really appealed to Paul and Carol......
Paul and Carol were looking to buy a small renovation project with some land - somewhere to retire to & somewhere to enjoy holidays in the meantime. They had a tight budget and had to stick to it.
John showed them a few places and they had already seen quite a few with other agents in other parts of central Portugal. Covais Poeta was perfect for them. A good priced property with a small ruin and 3,000m2 of managable land, privacy and nice views. The builder provided a quote which came within the budget, and the rest you can see from the photos.

Pedro Santos did the building works and both Paul and Carol have been very pleased with Pedro's professionism, his work & the price. I asked them whether the finished works came in on budget and they laughed and said "just about". They decided on a few extras as the works were underway - small aircon unit in the sleeping gallery and a good quality fitted kitchen. Other expenses have been the furniture and kitting out a new home.
Carol told me some of their friends and family thought they were mad spending their hard earned savings to buy a ruin from people they didn´t know (i.e. us!), in an area they had only visited a few times and using a builder that came recommended from the company selling the house!! But they took the plunge anyway...

Paul said that at first they were also a little nervous, but that their confidence grew when they completed the escritura and began to see their ruin turn into a beautiful and cosy home. Already being used now for holidays, Paul & Carol have got the little place they wanted for retirement.

Carol's next mission is to convince her boss at the National trust that remote working from central Portugal is a viable work option...