Local area

Central Portugal – The people, area and attractions

The people

bingo-bannerThe past 50 years has seen a marked outflow of people from rural Central Portugal seeking employment in the bigger cities and overseas. Therefore the locals and the local authorities are welcoming and accommodating to foreigners investing in houses for sale, in part for the increase in revenue for local business, which are mostly small family run enterprises, and in part, simply because the Portuguese are very friendly.
Generally, the rural Portuguese have large extended families and social events are local in nature, but there is always time for a chat and a glass of the local wine with friendly neighbours. Our neighbours made our move to Portugal a very positive experience. We were overwhelmed by their friendliness and generosity of gifts of fresh bread, red wine and tangerines.

Local Attractions & Entertainment

amphora2The Portuguese love their ‘festas’ and each parish hosts a number through out the year. You can expect parades, singing, local crafts and artisans, great food and music to the early hours! There are also a number of competitive events which take place annually, for example, the speed car rally, triathlon and go kart championships to name a few. All contribute to a cohesive community spirit and a good day out, right on your doorstep!
Considering the beauty and tranquility in this area of Central Portugal, it is not spoilt with tourism; travelers are still able to get a taste of the real Portugal. It is little known, still relatively undiscovered and the area has some stunning scenery and countryside. The reservoirs of Aguieira, Cabril, Santa Luzia and Castelo de Bode are large blue lakes surrounded by remarkable scenery perfect for walking, bicycling, watersports or fishing.